July 12, 2013

This past week there have been some heavy Gibb interviews and postings, so I’d like to post a happy story that’s upbeat and fun. We can all smile at Lisa’s reflections.


San Jose, California

I have been singing Bee Gees music since I was 7. As a child, I would dance around using a wooden spoon as a microphone. For some crazy reason, my favorite song was “Boogie Child”. I thought this song was written especially for me. Picture me dancing with my wooden spoon wearing my Cinderella pajamas singing in front of the mirror and all over the house. Now I know why my parents were always laughing as they watched their 7-year-old daughter bellow, “sexy, sexy, boogie child”. It is still my all-time favorite Bee Gee song. I think I loved the bluesy emotion to it, and it went along with my “dancing queen” mentality. I was a crazy little girl. I think I played that song at least a thousand times before I would play the other songs on the record. I always wanted to perform, and I would dream I was on stage standing between Mo and Robin and so excited to sing with Barry, too, because he was like a big huggy bear. I was a kid, and the Bee Gees made me happy. I remember having battles with my Mom about going to bed (this went on for years). She would come into my room to turn off the lights, and I would be going off on “Night Fever” as though I was a 16-year-old. When I finally would get settled down, the music was so alive in my head it would take me hours to fall asleep. My parents finally set limits, and I was not allowed to play Bee Gees after 6 p.m. because no one in the house could stop thinking of the music long enough to go to sleep. I would follow Maurice, Robin and Barry Gibb to the ends of the earth if I could. I was a fanatic, and every fan like me knows exactly what I mean. I still have hundreds of posters, pictures, shirts, every single album…no kidding. Now I have all the CD’s, even the first one and ESP, which was not popular in the USA (and “You Win Again” was on it!)….my pride and joy, and I can play them any time I want, even at 3 a.m.! My friends and I would say, “Rock on, brothers”. That became my mantra. My mom reminds me that I was 10 when I told her that I was planning to marry Maurice because he didn’t get as much attention as the other two brothers, and I wanted him to be happy. No idea where that came from, but he became the middle school obsession. I would dream about him. I just always knew they would be good to their fans because they were so nice, and Maurice was the sweetest. I finally had the thrill of meeting him near their studio in Miami when I was 19 and my best friends and I made a college break road trip from North Carolina, where I was living at the time. I almost had heart failure when he walked over to me and my handful of pictures and started autographing them while he smiled and talked to me in that deep, serious sounding voice. I began hyperventilating, trying to be cool and calm. I seriously started to lose my breath and thought I would black out, and I still replay that day over and over in my head. I dreamed of that day coming, but I never thought it would really happen. Even now, when I say BEE GEES, I start to get excited and always want to discuss them, no matter who is around. So, that’s one little part of my many stories from a woman who will never outgrow her favorite band. THE END.

About morobinbarrystories

Anne Jakowenko, the blog author, has been loving the Bee Gees for decades while raising her sons and teaching college students Speech Communication and English skills at her alma mater, Syracuse University, where she received her Master’s degree. She has also taught for SUNY Oswego and Barry University. Currently, Anne is teaching for the State College of Florida while she continues to collect stories for her book, My Life with the Boys.
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  1. Elizabeth (Lisa) Coe says:

    I saw them on the Spirit’s Having Flown tour in ’79. When they came on stage, the music for Tragedy started, and I literally stopped breathing. My brother switched seats with our mother (who also was a fan, and 72 years old!), and told her I was going to die! She said, “It’s okay, it’s the Bee Gees, she gets that way. It’ll pass. It did, but that feeling never has. Love ’em and I agree, I would follow them anywhere. I told my hysband, if something ever happens and I am in a funk, just play me some Bee Gee music, and I will be fine. It has worked all these years. They are family, and I love them. Lisa Coe

  2. Amber says:

    I myself didn’t really get into the Bee Gees until my mom played to me the song New York Mining Disaster 1941 from the album Best of The Bee Gees which was originally released in 1969 the same year as the album ODESSA on her acoustic guitar so when Robin Gibb died the year before this one I felt like I lost my one chance to see them live in concert in person his passing affected me so much because it wasn’t to long ago that I had been to a very close relatives funeral the previous year before Robin went well of course I was a young freshmen in high school when Maurice went back in 2003 that didn’t worry me so much nor did Andy’s passing shock me either because I wasn’t born until after 1988 in the middle of the 1989 new year back then so Robin Gibbs passing got to me hard cause I had heard and read so many good stories about him and I was so ready to meet him in person and his brother Barry too I might just do that exact thing since I hear he’s going to do a U.S. Concert tour YEAH I Can Hardly Wait!!! Barry I am here waiting to see you!

  3. Amber says:

    I am part of a new generation of Bee Gees fans.

  4. I love that and i love the Bee Gees very much

  5. Amber says:

    I’m ready for some more Bee Gees stories!!! 😉

    • Hi Amber,
      New story coming…will post late Thursday or early Friday….trying to keep up with the fans…so many wonderful fans around the world with so much love for our Bee Gees.

      • Amber says:

        oh I know infact Andy Maurice and Robin came to see me last night I think they visit the fans who still believe in them counting me anyway when the three of them were visiting me last night I happened to have a close up look at Andy’s face and I soon noticed that he was crying with tears shining in his eyes could something tragic have happened to him then I realized that he was just lonesome and in need of a girl to love him so I put my arms around him and kissed him slowly on the lips I even included a hug “Andy it’s alright Andy don’t cry” I softly spoke to him as though he was a young kid and I cradled him in my arms well of course he had once been a young boy I knew that I began rubbing his shoulder he enjoyed that so much a smile began to come onto his face his brother Robin gave me a handkerchief from his pocket I dried Andy’s eyes with it while with my other hand I patted Andy’s hand Story continued tomorrow…

        • Oh, Amber, the Gibb dreams are powerful! I am amazed daily at what people feel about these very special men who have affected our lives for the better. I am just now writing the book section about Andy becoming famous and am amazed at what fans still feel for him..he was very special, as all of them are.

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