July 26, 2013

Barry Gibb is constantly the topic of conversation among fans, perhaps because he is “the last man standing” or perhaps because he is “out there” in the news and press more these days. There are many reasons why people love this man. This week I am posting one of the scores of “devotion” stories, as I call them. There is no stronger fan than a Barry Gibb fan!


New York

I was compelled to write after reading the stories on this blog and on the internet, although I rarely spend time on Facebook or social sites. I am usually unable to find the time, but I do want to share some thoughts. I sometimes think that I have loved Barry Gibb since I was born. It really has been since I was a preteen and saw him for the first time on a poster in the record store. I was 11 and with my sister Carol who was buying the Bee Gee album “Children of the World”. When I first saw the publicity pictures for this album, I couldn’t stop staring at Barry. He looked like a model, so beautiful, wearing a leather jacket with a scarf around his neck, his hair all shaggy and sexy. I had never heard him sing and didn’t know his name until that day. He was my first love, and no singer or movie star came close to him after that encounter. I was a girl with a crush on a rock singer, but I never got over my crush. I must have listened to that album a hundred times that week after we got it home. It was like I was struck by lightening. I have to admit that Barry Gibb did become my obsession for several years, and eventually, he was just a part of my family. I bought and played every album after that first one, and I followed Barry through his life and all of the ups and downs. There were many sad times, such as Andy’s death and his back surgery and the birth of his daughter when she was so tiny and it was touch-and-go as to whether she would survive. I felt as though I was sharing his hard times,  and I worried and prayed for him through it all.  Seeing him perform in New York several times was an honor and a privilege, and I know why I have stayed a fan all these years to this day. He isn’t like most famous people; and I don’t have to be a personal friend to know this. Apart from the wonderful music, he has character and strength and is humble, which makes him appealing to everyone. He is loved by men and women equally because of these traits. There is no doubt that he is sexy and handsome, but his loving heart and his leadership, both within the Bee Gee group and for his family place him head and shoulders above all other musicians. I believe that this is why, more than fifty years after he began performing,  fans have stayed with him and new fans as well are admiring him today. Many fans write about their challenges in life and how the Bee Gees have helped them through the music, and I appreciate the fans’ feelings. While I have been through many happy and difficult times myself,  Barry Gibb and his music have been with me through it all, but it’s mostly because I respect him and his character that I feel this way. He is just a good man with a man’s strength, and a man who takes care of his family and that makes him beautiful to me.

About morobinbarrystories

Anne Jakowenko, the blog author, has been loving the Bee Gees for decades while raising her sons and teaching college students Speech Communication and English skills at her alma mater, Syracuse University, where she received her Master’s degree. She has also taught for SUNY Oswego and Barry University. Currently, Anne is teaching for the State College of Florida while she continues to collect stories for her book, My Life with the Boys.
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  1. That was very very nice

  2. Amber says:

    Wow I definitely understand what this girl is talking about in her fan story about Barry Gibb I have had some ups and downs in my life and have even gone through lots of changes in my life too so I know what this Barry Gibb fan girl means in her story most absolutely and I agree with it.

  3. Vickie Moxley says:

    I have been lucky enough & have had the pleasure of meeting Barry, Robin & Maurice many times over. They are nothing like the stuck up famous people of today. I always said that the Gibb brothers should have given lessons or wrote a book for other famous people on how to treat their fans. Barry, Robin & Maurice were, are & will always be the BEST!


    • Dear Vickie,
      Thank you for your insights. So many fans around the world wish they could be you, for you have had a privilege they wish they had, being up close and personal with the brothers. The more I research, the more I feel as though I’m inside of their skins. How I wish I had known Mo and Robin. You are one of the lucky ones.

    • Amber says:

      I hear you on that and the singers of today get bad tempered and moody very easily these days ooh that annoys me and besides I don’t like singers now a days anyway

      • Thanks, Amber. Of course, the brothers could be very moody at times, too, especially Robin, but we love them anyway. I loved this story.

        • Vickie Moxley says:

          Anybody can be moody, even stars. After all, they are human too, but the Gibbs never treated the fans shitty like some stars probably do. They ALWAYS had time for an autograph or a picture. They never blew anybody off, even if you deserved it. They were very nice to ALL fans, sane & strange ones. Unlike Dionne Warwick.

          • Hi Vickie,
            I’ve always heard wonderful comments from fans about how nice these men were to everyone. It makes me feel good to hear your words.

          • Amber says:

            I agree and I plan to write a book myself about the Bee Gees and any happy memories about Barry Robin and Maurice would be great for it I plan on calling it Memories of the brothers Gibb by Amber J. Gardner clever huh I’ll get started on it very soon and I’ll make it into an online blog short story on my own website too.

    • Amber says:

      hear you on that and the singers of today get bad tempered and moody very easily these days ooh that annoys me and besides I don’t like the singers now a days anyway

  4. Heidi says:

    Hi thank you for posting this. I have been a huge BG fan many years and recently meet Barry at his Nashville show. I was a bit afraid of meeting him because I heard so many famous people especially MEGA stars are rude to fans. Barry turned out to be very humble and kind actting to me. I told him how much I loved him and his brothers, He really listened and took my hand gave me a hug like he cared and said “Thank you LOve”. I wanted to ask him for a pic but he seemed like he was in such a hurry I hated to ask. I’m a bit on the shy side. Ricky Scaggs was also at the show and would not talk to anyone. I understand everyone can have a bad day and not feel up to spending time with fans, but I think they should always show respect to fans no matter what. If your in a hurry say “Sorry I can’t chat or sign now but thank you for coming” etc. Remember the fans are the ones who put you there and God is watching. Ricky seems to have forgotten this but the Gibb boys were raised well!

  5. I am following you….I loved your story and the comments of others. I will get back to you soon and tell you how I feel about the BGs…I love the idea that your book is fiction… will be an honor to read your book!

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