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May 21, 2014

After meeting with fans at McFaddens Ballpark Restaurant and hearing their thoughts about Barry and The Mythology Tour, my mind was swirling with emotions that brought me joy beyond my expectations. I thought how much I would have liked for Barry to be there to experience their euphoria. I often wonder if Barry has any idea of the impact he truly has on fans and how he burrows into peoples’ hearts with a smile, a wave, a gesture or a tear.




There was a common thread in the comments I heard from these fans in Philadelphia. The more mature fans were giddy, so many saying “I feel like I’m 13 again” (or 14, or 15, or 16). Many spoke of their 30-year “crush” that never ended. While listening to men and women alike who feel a special bond with Barry, I found myself wishing I could video tape everyone of them and sit with Barry while he listened and watched the never-ending words of devotion. The guys feel respect, awe and admiration. The ladies feel these same emotions; but, well, let’s say that they love Barry’s music and his voice and adore the “gorgeous package” that goes along with all the talent (forgive me, Linda).

There were moving stories and happy stories and tears in the eyes of some. Natasha came from Toronto and literally cried on my shoulder in anticipation of the concert. What is really interesting about her is that she is a younger fan, and I was again thrilled to see different generations of fans gathering. Natasha was 12 when she was sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for an appointment with her mother and the song “Too Much Heaven” started playing on the piped-in music that is so often a part of the waiting game in offices. She was moved by the song; and oddly enough, later became friends with the Bee Gee Canadian tribute band “Stayin’ Alive”.

Ann Marie and Joe have been fans since the late 70’s and got me pumped with their smiles as they talked of Barry and his brothers. Craig brought along a buddy who was about to have his first Bee Gee encounter.

I loved Karen’s story about being a fan since she was 12 and how much she adored the “Saturday Night Fever” album. She and her friend Jodi saved their babysitting money to buy the album and shared it, each one having the album for a week at a time.

Caroline came from Tennessee and is a 39-year fan. Joann has loved the brothers for 45 years. Seve and Teresa came all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas, but the “record distance award” goes to Manuela and Frank, who traveled from Germany to see Barry.



Connie, Vicki and Karen

Vicki and Connie were all smiles, deep in conversation with other fans having their “first Barry experience”.

I call Linda, Dana and Sallie the “Cutie Pies” because they reminded me of little girls who were just having so much fun being in the same space together, just like kids do when they play “tea party”.



Linda, Dana and Sallie

Donna brought a ticket from her first concert in 1979, which was at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. I was blown away by the idea that a musical group would have so much effect on someone, and it was so important to Donna that she kept that ticket all these years, as many fans do.

Cathy and Carol were visions in neon yellow, wearing the shirts Carol made, which were dedicated to Barry.



            Cathy and Carol

A special thanks to Aubrey, Craig, Maria and Andrea for making the trip from New York to see Barry and cheer me on as I walk this amazing journey, and my biggest shout-out goes to one of my sons, Stefan, for accompanying me in Philly and making a dream-like experience even better.

The fans in Philadelphia were inspiring. I can sum up the emotional highs with a quote from a 22-year-old who said, “I’m so glad Barry is still alive. Sure, the world is bleak without Robin, Maurice and Andy, but having Barry makes the world seem a much less cold and unforgiving place.” AMEN!

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  1. Carolyn Crocker says:

    Beautiful, beautiful article. I enjoyed every word. Thank you so much for sharing.

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