July 11, 2014

This week I am addressing the funk that fans are experiencing. Let’s rally, troops! barry flying

LITTLE MOMENTS I keep hearing from disheartened fans who are in a funk and feeling lost now that Barry has stopped touring and all is silent on the Gibb front. No one knows what the next turn in the road will bring for Barry, and Bee Gee lovers await his decision about performing in the future. I know it’s difficult, but we need to take a collective deep breath and be grateful for the music because it’s always there for us, just as the brothers are there on DVD, You Tube and every possible social media site. We have much to be grateful for after the U.S. leg of the Mythology Tour. For the millions of fans in every corner of the globe who could not attend a concert, they have the joy of seeing the photos, video clips and stories that have been shared. Literally hundreds of little moments of happiness occurred in May and June, and sometimes I am overwhelmed with gratitude, not only to Barry but also to the incredibly generous and funny fans, our music crazies who helped make the tour a success. Each fan contributed his or her emotional support, love and spiritual energy, and every single person had a special story to share about Barry and his brothers. I say “music crazies” in a loving way, thinking of the dynamic outpouring of unconditional dedication given to Barry Gibb and every member of his band. As I reflect on the tour and hope to cheer up my fellow Barry Gibb fans, here are some of the best moments of the Mythology Tour, May 15-June 4. 1. BOSTON AND ITS LOVING HEART I’d bet my life that Barry didn’t have a clue about what awaited him when he walked out on the stage in T.D. Garden on May 15. Although excited, he had to be apprehensive. How many years had passed since he had been in Boston to perform? Witnessing what happened when the crowd stood and applauded for several minutes is a memory I will always treasure. The Boston Strong were just that, and they let Barry know immediately how much they loved and respected him. By now, I think most fans have seen the photos of an emotional Barry in tears. Every nerve ending in his body must have been tingling. I know mine were. What a tribute from an amazing city. SPECTACULAR MOMENT! 2. STEPHEN GIBB IN PHILLY Being a member of the Gibb family carries its own responsibilities and expectations. With a father who is on the throne of pop music royalty and three uncles whose talents are incomparable, the pressures on Stephen Gibb must carry a heavy burden at times. It isn’t easy being in the spotlight, no matter what wonderful perks come along with it. Boston was the “test run”, the serious Stephen supporting his father and doing his job. However, in Philadelphia I noticed that Stephen began to relax and give us more of his personality. When he played the solo guitar pieces or sang, there was more of Steve to be seen, and the fun he and the band had bouncing and smiling to “Spicks and Specks” was typical of him. He has a cool personality and is patient and generous with fans. It was great to see his persona emerge at Wells Fargo Arena. You rock my world, Steve, and you gave fans “personality moments” in Philly. SURPRISING MOMENTS! 3. TWO SPECIAL THRILLS IN NEW YORK Not only was it raining in Wantagh, Samantha was absent and Barry had to change the show at the last minute. Since he is the Pied Piper for his fans, we were willing to follow his lead; and although he telegraphed his emotions of concern, he handled them and the weather just fine, thank you very much. Two moments stood out that gave fans special thrills. When Barry performed “I’m On Fire”, the Bruce Springsteen tribute song, the fans became silent. This did not occur at all the venues, but in New York it was almost spiritual. He seemed to be especially moved during this performance, and he became emotional as he sang. We in the audience were so caught up in the song that I think most of us were holding our breaths until it was finished. He was in tears. We were mesmerized. ETHEREAL MOMENT. The other surprise that comes to mind was how Barry allowed the fans to come up to the stage at the end of the show. Normally, the security is standing guard, there to protect him from overzealous fans. However, Barry permitted fans to hug the perimeter of the stage and bent down to shake hands and say hello to people, some who had come thousands of miles to see him. It was such fun to watch the excited fans have their chance to give him a bit of love. FABULOUS MOMENT. 4. WILD MAN IN CHICAGO! This whole concert has to fall under the category of” SPECTACULAR ENERGY MOMENTS”. I have written about how dynamic Barry was during this concert, but the whole vibe of the United Center was lightening bolt electrifying. Barry set the bar so high that the thousands in the arena are still flying high in the clouds of Gibb love. Although there were days when the shoulder was hurting or the back was screaming for rest, the audience never had a clue. Barry was relaxed, funny, sweet and generous to his fans. He joked, cajoled, teased and generally put his personality on display, along with his special talents. Just PERFECT MOMENTS, ALL 140 OF THEM! 5. CONCORD’S BEAUTY There were surprises in Concord that I never expected. The biggest was the natural beauty of the setting and venue itself. It was a perfectly beautiful night, a slight breeze blowing and the picturesque hills surrounding the Sleep Train Pavilion confirming to us that we were certainly in God’s country. Also a surprise was the demeanor of the fans. They weren’t screamers or whistlers; they were the coolest of the cool, seemingly of one mind, giving off a magical energy. The band was in sync, the timing great from start to finish. The sound and lights seemed to mesh with the outdoor beauty as though they were meant to be there all along. Barry clearly liked this venue, and the smile rarely left his face. This concert gets a tie with Chicago. It was the ‘VENUE PLUS BAND AND CREW WINS THE PRIZE MOMENT” 6. OVERWHELMED BY THE BOWL The Hollywood Bowl is the largest natural outdoor amphitheater in the United States. One is taken by surprise at the impressive structure and size of the Bowl. There were several impressive moments before and during this concert. Seeing the stars come out for Barry, listening to the crowd respond to his music, watching him go from mellow to powerful and back again–these are but a few that moved me. However, the most impressive moment had to be when he lifted his arm to wave goodbye as he walked off the stage at the end of the concert. His arms full of flowers and his back to the audience, he gave a goodbye wave that momentarily stunned me because in an instant I knew the tour was over. Uncertainty can kick into the brain in a nano second, and I was already wondering if and when I would see him on the stage again. He was leaving. I felt a wave of nostalgia and knew no one in the stands wanted to see him exit the stage. We were weepy through the cheers. HEARTFELT MOMENT! So, now the fans who attended the concerts have the joy of reminiscing about the shows, reliving their memories and detailing every personal moment of fun to all Bee Gee fans around the world who lovingly take it in like oxygen. Let’s hold on to this for now and be thankful.            

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Anne Jakowenko, the blog author, has been loving the Bee Gees for decades while raising her sons and teaching college students Speech Communication and English skills at her alma mater, Syracuse University, where she received her Master’s degree. She has also taught for SUNY Oswego and Barry University. Currently, Anne is teaching for the State College of Florida while she continues to collect stories for her book, My Life with the Boys.
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  1. Jan Groos says:

    Hi Annie…This is a beautifully written synopsis of the tour. It is fascinating how varied and enjoyable each venue was in its own right. Thank you once again for sharing your valuable insight and heartfelt words.

  2. Wish that i could have seen him it would really brightin up my day

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