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Gibb familyBarry, Linda and the family at the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Haute Tea, which honored Linda Gibb for her dedication to the organization

Thanksgiving Week, 2015

Here in the United States it is Thanksgiving week, and this holiday is my favorite of the year. Although there is a tradition of eating turkey and pumpkin pie and watching football, my heart overflows with the more important reasons for this special Thursday at the end of November. We all have a chance to be reflective and grateful for our many blessings, and reflecting is an important part of personal growth.

I look back on the events of the year and unlike New Year’s Eve where we think of all the good and bad we have done and make resolutions for the upcoming year, Thanksgiving is a day to simply say thank you for all the good that has come our way over the past twelve months. This brings a certain peace of mind that confirms to us that all does work out the way it’s supposed to work out, and there is an abundance of love and positivity present in our world.

The most important perk about Thanksgiving is being with family and friends who support us and give us strength and confirmation that we are appreciated for our own little unique contributions to their worlds.

Today I’d like to give thanks to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and the brilliant staff who work to stop diabetes. It’s important to remind Bee Gee fans around the world that this is an organization that the Gibb family has supported since the 70’s, and we can all follow their lead and help in many simple, special ways. Below I will post a piece from their website and I encourage fans to visit their site on Facebook. Every day I see hundreds of posts from Bee Gee groups extolling the gifts of the Gibb brothers. A special gift fans can give back to all the Gibbs is to support their favorite charity and help do what you can for the cause.

CURE (1)

This sign which hangs inside the research facility on the campus of Miller Medical School in Miami says it all.


Talking with  Dr.Antonello Pileggi at the DRI…He is the BEST! He is Director of Pre-clinical Cell Processing and Translational Models. If you think that sounds important, it is. He is one of the many miracle workers at the DRI.


Amy Siegel Harris, Manager of Donor Relations,  with Dr. Luca Inverardi, Research Professor of Medicine (Microbiology and Immunology) at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine…..they exude energy and passion for their work…

From the first person to meet a patient or visitor at the door to the scientists who work for the cure, everyone at the DRI deserves thanks for their unwavering goal to stop diabetes.


Love this smile. Can you tell he likes his work?


Whenever there’s an event to help raise funds for the DRI, one will find Linda Gibb there, along with the Gibb girls who follow in her footsteps as supporters of this most worthy charity.

girls research

Working for the cure……Thank you, ladies!


Dr. Dora Berman, Research Associate Professor of Surgery with Gary Kleiman, Director of Medical Development…two amazing people with hearts as big as the sky!

Blessings in life come in simple ways. Sometimes it’s the person on the bus who smiles at you when you’re having a bad day. Sometimes it’s the polite guy who holds the door open when you have an armful of groceries and you’re about to drop everything. Other times it’s the phone call from a friend who wants to chat about nothing in particular who always says “Thanks for listening” or maybe it’s that hug from your child as he’s leaving for school and he whispers “Love you”.  This Thanksgiving let’s think about those little blessings and perhaps take the time to breathe a few deep breaths and smile at our good fortune.

Then check out the DRI website and say a thanks for this organization and all its good work, and thank the Gibb family for their support of the research. Below is an article from the DRI website. Hope you enjoy it and pay it forward to everyone you know. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Our Passionate Commitment

Committed to Cure Diabetes

Throughout our history, the support of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation has been the driving force behind the Diabetes Research Institute’s progress and we continue to serve as the main funding source.

Founded in 1971 by a group of parents of children with diabetes who were committed to finding a cure for this devastating disease, our Foundation has evolved into an international coalition of families, patients, business leaders, celebrities, scientists, clinicians and other concerned individuals who have elevated the importance of cure-focused research and shifted the direction of funding into this critical area.

While there are many worthy diabetes organizations, we are unique among diabetes causes because we have chosen to concentrate solely on the cure and to dedicating our resources – both financial and human – to this very goal.

This narrow focus has attracted the attention of people who seek a clear mission, donor accountability and financial transparency when giving to a diabetes organization.

The DRI has become the world leader it is today through the dedicated efforts and unparalleled perseverance of the people involved with our Foundation – those who have a personal stake in our mission to put an end to diabetes.

Mission Statements© 2014 Diabetes Research Institute Foundation – National Office: 200 S. Park Road, Suite 100, Hollywood, FL 33021 – (954) 964-4040




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    Hi, Now reading this wonderful piece. Thanks for reminding all of us.

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