Not Forgetting…Simply Living for Now

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September , 2016

This is a milestone birthday for Barry, and from every corner of the world fans wish him health and happiness and strength and success. I’ve written stories before about this day and its significance. A wedding anniversary is also celebrated, and each is unique, whether it’s the first or the fiftieth. Only Barry and Linda truly understand the connection that has helped them weather a multitude of storms and kept them strong as a couple.

I’ve heard many stories from fans about their love of this man and how he affected their growing up years and their adolescence. Some stories reflect upon his music and its healing powers as the listener went through a loss or a divorce or a challenge with family, work or sickness. It’s not easy to translate the face-to-face passions I’ve heard from those who appreciate Barry Gibb.

This is a world of fans whose dedication is like no other, and it’s gratifying to know that the young girls who kissed their Barry Gibb photos as they danced around the family’s wood-paneled rec rooms in the 60’s are just as much enamored with him today as they were then. What’s even better is that they have passed on that love and the music to their children, and Barry has new fans who admire him. Thinking of those girls in the 60’s reminds me of Barry often saying that those were the best days of the Bee Gees, when they were just beginning and the excitement was palpable. Well now Barry is “just beginning” a new chapter of his career, and the anticipation and excitement the fans are feeling is just a as powerful for them today.

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I think of people like Jimmy Fallon being somewhat awestruck every time he sees Barry, even though he’s known him for years. Jimmy is just like the rest of the thousands around the globe who feel the same way. Lionel Ritchie is the latest to feel that thrill of being touched by Barry’s genius and feeling honored to know him. It’s fun to watch a Chris Martin gush and to know that we fans have felt this way for decades and really “get it”.

He is ageless, and my hope is that the fans will focus on the future and what he will offer as a solo artist. His talent is a special gift that so few are given. Creativity can’t be learned. It’s simply a miracle that happens. Part of Barry’s creativity is sparked by Linda Gibb, whose guidance and love has kept him thriving. She is spectacular in her determination. Her selflessness, ability to accept others as they are and the manner in which she has overcome obstacles are truly what help Barry remain on course.

Today and every day they are to be admired. They value each other and honor their wedding vows. How lucky they are to celebrate another anniversary together. One doesn’t have to be religious to appreciate what the apostle Matthew said, which I think sums up Barry and Linda Gibb.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. Matthew 6:21

It’s a happy celebration of longevity and love, and the fans thank you both for letting us share in the journey.




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Anne Jakowenko, the blog author, has been loving the Bee Gees for decades while raising her sons and teaching college students Speech Communication and English skills at her alma mater, Syracuse University, where she received her Master’s degree. She has also taught for SUNY Oswego and Barry University. Currently, Anne is teaching for the State College of Florida while she continues to collect stories for her book, My Life with the Boys.
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5 Responses to Not Forgetting…Simply Living for Now

  1. That was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy birthday, Barry…………and Happy Anniversary to Barry and Linda. Bless their hearts.

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