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September 9, 2016

It’s nice to be around the Gibb girls as they rally together to support their cause and inspire others to do the same.

Fundraising events can actually be spectacular and fun, and  the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation has one of the best when it sponsors the annual Haute Tea which supports the scientists and their research to stop Type I diabetes. Here’s what happened  at the St. Regis Bal Harbour Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida as hundreds of women gathered to raise money and awareness.


Linda and Ali arriving at the Haute Tea

To begin with, let me answer the question I get asked more than any other. Yes, all of the Gibb girls really are as nice as they look in the photos. They are genuine, down-to-earth, unpretentious and generous. They work tirelessly for the Diabetes Research institute Foundation, and each of them has enthusiastic comments about their dedication to this charity.

I chatted with each girl individually; and interestingly, they  had a common thread that tied them together when discussing the DRIF. They mentioned Linda Gibb and her dedication and how she led by example. They view her as their role model and are inspired by her work and support for the Diabetes Research Foundation. Linda was honored in 2014 for her 30+ years of service, and it was a special and well-deserved award. I remember her mentioning in her acceptance speech that she didn’t just have one daughter but that she was blessed to have five because her sons married wonderful women who are like daughters to her.

What’s interesting about the Gibb girls is that each of them has distinct and appealing qualities, and yet they come together as one when they fight for a cause.


Jenna arriving at Haute Tea

Jenna Gibb is married to Barry and Linda’s fourth son, Michael and was all bright and beautiful in a bright pink multi-tiered cocktail dress with a matching hat. When I asked who was on babysitting duty, she smiled and said, “My husband, of course.” Good going, Michael!  Jenna is on the shy side, but was happy to be at the event following her mother-in-law’s example. She works on the committee for the Haute Tea and enjoys helping others. Jenna and Therese Gibb have done outreach work in the past, visiting schools to talk with children about eating well, educating them about diabetes. She is happy to “support this wonderful charity and follow Linda”.


Ali and her fabulous hat

It was a joy to chat with Ali Gibb, Barry and Linda’s only daughter. She looks amazing, and I commented how much I loved the blonde touch to her hair. She admitted she did it on a whim but likes the look. I complimented her hat, and she laughed about it, telling me that she ordered it and when it arrived and she put it on, her mother was surprised that it looked like the hat she wore on her wedding day to Barry!


Barry and Linda —wedding day

I asked Ali about her involvement with the DRIF and she gave me a smile and said, “I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl. I’m so used to being here.; it’s a part of me.” Ali is also on the committee for the Haute Tea and works on events to help raise funds. She was all bubbly and energetic, visiting tables and saying hello to the attendees, clearly happy to be a part of this event.


Stacy on the right, along with her co-chair Lauren on left and Jillian Posner, the honoree

Stacy Gibb is married to Travis and the mother of two. This year she was co-chair of the event, and her hard work paid off. She arrived early and looked stunning in a white lacy cut-out dress that had to be seen up close to be appreciated. Stacy is a presence, and her smile lights the ballroom. Obviously she worked diligently and dealt with the responsibility like a pro because the tea was a huge success. (a detailed interview about her work will be posted separately).


Gloria Gibb


When I caught up with Gloria, she was at Table 5, the first Gibb girl to sit down. Gloria is married to Steve Gibb, and I know that thousands of women out there are jealous of her good fortune. Well, Steve is amazingly lucky, too, because this woman is extremely special. Gloria is luminescent, lovely with pale, perfect skin and a killer smile. She seems quiet and demure but knows her own mind. The mother of two, she told me that she has been involved with the DRIF for twelve years and loves giving back and helping others. She was all smiles and happy to see such a large crowd of women gathered together to help her charity.


Therese with Barbara Singer, founder of DRIF

Lastly, let’s discuss Therese Gibb. This woman is a dynamo. Tall and graceful, Therese is an extrovert and a talker in the best sense of the word. Married to Ashley Gibb and mom to middle schooler Lucas, she exudes an energy and love for this event that is contagious. To be truthful, she’s usually like this, and she’s so gracious that one just feels better after having talked with her. She has been involved with the DRIF since 1999, the year after she met Ashley. She is also on the committee for the Haute Tea, and she is fierce in her passion about the DRIF. We talked about her past outreach work, and i hope that this will continue again in the future because Therese inspires people to action. She is an ambassador of hope for the DRIF, and a sweet natured Gibb girl who always has positive things to say in support of this cause.

The Diabetes Research Institute will never give up the fight until type 1 diabetes is eradicated. The researchers and staff are blessed to have thousands of supporters, among them Barry and Linda Gibb and their incredible family members. Thanks to all who help this fight; be like the Gibb girls and provide support, awareness, and funds because this foundation truly is “The Best Hope For a Cure”.





















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