Stacy Gibb-More Than a Beauty



Left to right Lauren,(Stacy’s co-chair) Jillian  (the honoree) and Stacy

At first glance, Stacy Gibb looks like a star. She walks the walk, poses for photos with just the perfect angle of head and smiles like a supermodel. Her appearance is always impressive and fashion forward. I remember at the 2014 Haute Tea being affected by her   polka-dots

Stacy on the right in polka dots


polka dot dress and gorgeous hat, and thinking how sweet it was that her daughter Layla matched. They stood out in red carpet style.

Being married to one of the Gibb boys (Travis) is really cool, and I’m sure she she could be a socialite and simply enjoy her life and raise her two children. For some, that would be enough, and it certainly is fine.  However, Stacy does more and gives more and shares in her good fortune. Certainly having Linda Gibb as a benchmark helps; and by the looks of this year’s Haute Tea, Stacy has succeeded beautifully. She arrived early, checked over the ballroom with her co-chair Lauren, looked appropriately stressed pre-event and attended to details with the DRIF staff. Of course she did all of this in 4 inch heels and a jaw-dropping white dress that was a work of art. The hat was queenly. Check out the photo to see just how neat it was.


Stacy and Lauren in their superb hats checking out he ballroom pre-Haute Tea

She was kind enough to answer some questions for me, and I’d like to share her thoughts with all of you. It’s nice to know how the people behind the scenes help make events like the Haute Tea happen and what motivates them to volunteer.

I asked Stacy what the biggest surprise was in being a Chairperson for a major DRIF event and Stacy said, “The biggest surprise was how big of a challenge it is to successfully organize this type of event. I have a lot of respect for the people who have previously taken on this role.”

Interestingly, I interviewed Jillian Posner last year and Jillian has chaired the Haute Tea for four years. She is a force to be reckoned with, a dedicated super worker. It isn’t easy to follow Jillian, but Stacy has done just that, along with her co-chair Lauren Geduld.

I knew that Stacy had been around the DRIF for many years and asked how she got started with the organization. She said, “I have been going to the DRIF Love and Hope Ball since I first started dating Travis 16 years ago. Over the years I went from an attendee of the events to a participant, which culminated into this year’s chairing of the Haute Tea. Linda has done so much for this charitable cause, and I am honored to follow in her footsteps.”

As for the goal of the Haute Tea? Stacy commented, “Our goal in raising money for the DRIF is to hopefully one day find a cure for Type 1 diabetes and with every dollar raised we are a step closer.”

And so my logical question was to ask how it went this year, and she was happy to tell me: “I’m happy to say that everything has run quite smoothly. I have an amazing co-chair in Lauren who has gone above and beyond in planning this event, and I also have a very reliable team.”

So I wondered how she would like to pay if forward and her goals for her children.

Stacy responded, “It’s important to me as a mother to teach my children to appreciate all that they have and to give back as often as possible. In this, I hope that one day Layla and Liam will chair an event that is close to their hearts. It’s very hard for me to see people in these debilitating situations. I feel very fortunate for the life I have and will do what I can to help those in need.”

So what about her other interests and inspirations? She has many, including music and fashion.

“I enjoy a wide variety of music. My all time favorites are Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac and Aerosmith. I am also a big fan of my husband’s electronic music.We blast it every morning and dance as we get the kids ready for school. On another note, I can’t wait for Barry’s solo album; it’s going to be amazing.”

Regarding fashion:

“Since I was little I have been very inspired by the fashion industry. If anyone knows me, they know I love two things, first and foremost my family and second, being fashion -oriented. I have recently opened an online clothing/styling boutique My goal right now is to have this business grow and be successful.”


Stacy and Lauren in the ballroom before the tea began

So there you have it, some insights from one of the DRIF motivators. Stacy is just one of many who work for the DRIF, but taking on a leadership role isn’t easy. It takes a special kind of woman to do this work. Thanks to Stacy Gibb and Lauren Geduld and all the kind hearted, giving people who work to help the DRIF.

I commented to Stacy at the end of tea that she should be very proud of herself for the success of the day’s event. She blushed crimson and thanked me, clearly overwhelmed by the magnitude of hundreds of women and their generosity that had just occurred through their attendance and purchases of silent and live auction items. I think she was taking some big breaths as she walked out into the lobby. Another job well done; another fundraising success for the DRIF.

Follow in Stacy’s footsteps and spread awareness, check out the DRI on Facebook, come to an event, donate whatever you can, and thank you a thousand times over. Every dollar makes a difference.





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