Maurice Gibb-Thank you!

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January 9, 2018

Today I am pulling a story about Maurice. It’s often difficult for me to read them, since I still feel the pain of his loss, but they also make me smile, since the fans show their love for him in so many different ways.  I hope you all enjoy it.


My Mom loved Maurice Gibb when she was a young teen, and she kept pictures of him in  a box in her bedroom all her life. She kept it in a closet and would take it out once in awhile and show me the magazines and photos. Bee Gee music was often playing when I came home from school, and Mom would seem so happy.

She thought he and Lulu were much too young to get married, and she told me all about how upset she was when he got divorced so young. I was just a little girl when she ‘educated” me about the Bee Gees, and she made it clear that Mo was “her guy”. Her face would light up when she talked about him.

He was “cheeky”, “sweet”, “generous”, “funny”, “sensitive” and “gorgeous”. How she knew all this I wasn’t sure (I was five), but I knew that she meant what she said. No one in the family (especially my Dad) would dare say a word in favor of Barry or Robin. Mom admitted that Barry was a great singer and Robin’s sound was unique, but there was something about the way Maurice interacted with fans that made him special.

She got to see him in concert twice before I was born, and she would relive every moment of each concert as she told me about his sense of humor and how wonderful he was when he played the guitar or the keyboards. She told me that “the best things come in small packages (like diamonds) and Maurice was a diamond.

She conceded that Yvonne was “adorable and good for him”, even though she was as jealous as she could be. My Dad would shake his head and give me a knowing look, as if to say “there’s no talking to her”, when she started talking about him. She said that he was “the best part of growing up with music every day”.

I don’t think that kids of my generation had anyone quite like him to idolize. I know that Michael Jackson (when I was little) and ‘NSync (loved boy bands) were my favorites, but I liked their music, whereas my mom LOVED the man, as well as the music. He made an impact that no one else could make, and I think he must have felt the love from the fans because of his charisma. Mom said his “charisma” was exciting and genuine.

I hope he knew how he affected people and what devotion they had for him. It would be sad to think he didn’t know that because he made my Mom so happy, and that’s a wonderful way to be remembered. I’d like to thank him for his special gifts and let him know how much he meant to so many.



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1 Response to Maurice Gibb-Thank you!

  1. Marcelyn says:

    Beautiful! I loved them all but I do have to admit Andy and Barry were my favorites, since Andy was near my age and so handsome as was Barry. All the brothers were gorgeous!

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