Easter and Passover Blessings


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March 30, 2018


Today is the holiest of days, Good Friday. For those millions who celebrate, we know that the hours of 12-3 were the saddest hours of the year, for that’s the time that Christ hung on the cross. The good news is that he rose again, and we all have him to thank for our lives. Passover also begins today, and that’s a rare occurrence (for Good Friday and Passover to be on the same day). For the Jews celebrating this spring festival that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, many blessings.

I mention these two days because I think that Bee Gee fans somehow know that having the three brothers for nearly fifty years of composing, performing and giving their many talents to the world, is truly a miracle. Maybe some of you might think this connection is a stretch, but I don’t. The three brothers professed their faith in individualistic fashion.

I like to think that Robin, Maurice and Andy are looking down upon us and sending great energy and love. It’s the time for Spring and rebirth and for sharing and continuing to keep alive the Bee Gee music we love.

with Linda

All three brothers were blessed with special gifts of intellect and humor and great faith and love in their lives that they translated to their music. Barry and Linda Gibb are fortunate to still have one another to lean on so that neither one falls. She supports him in whatever endeavors he pursues, and they and their family have been giving back to their community for decades, and the Diabetes Research Institute has been their number one charity.

DRI doctors

Physicians at the DRI

What is inspiring about their charity work is how the next generation of Gibbs have followed in Barry and Linda’s footsteps.

girls Tea

Gibb girls at Haute Tea fundraiser for DRIF

Little miracles of hope happen every day as a result of what the Diabetes Research Foundation accomplishes, and the Gibb support is an asset to every step forward that they make in the battle to fight Type I diabetes.


Michael and Travis Gibb and their wives, Jenna and Stacy at DRI Love and Hope Ball


Steve at rehearsal in Hollywood Bowl

Another little gift from God comes in the form of Gibb family members who perform and share their love of music; Steve and Samantha Gibb have it in their blood; and anyone who was lucky enough to see them on the Mythology Tour or to watch video of their performances, knows how talented they are.


Barry with Samantha in LA

I get misty when thinking about losing 2/3 of the Bee Gees and how painful their passing is for fans around the world. We miss Robin and Maurice and reflect on their loss but appreciate what they left for us to treasure. They were truly unique and irreplaceable.

Barryand Robin

I hardly think a day goes by without Barry reflecting on his brothers and thinking about what they might say or do if they were with him as he navigates the music world without them. I know they will be along for the ride as Barry works on the musical that is in the works that will showcase the Bee Gees and their lives. How amazing will this be?

Barry’s magic fingers continue to create and inspire, and we are blessed beyond measure to know that he still wants to write. What kind of wizardry will he create next? I know in my heart that eventually he will want to spend time with the family and stop performing, but we all can fall back on the hundreds of pieces of treasured music we already have. The one part of this that will be missed is watching the fans get excited at events and concerts, but the memories are still tucked away to recall when we get nostalgic.


fans in Chicago

So, as we celebrate these most holy holidays, I pray that we are grateful and inspired to share Bee Gee music whenever we can. The legacy of the Gibb brothers will live on through the fans. Happy Easter and Blessed Passover to all.




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