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April 20, 2018

Whenever I see Mike Gibb, Barry and Linda Gibb’s youngest son, the word “mellow” comes to mind. This makes perfect sense to me, since mellow means “pleasantly smooth”. Yup, that’s Mike all over.

This photos was taken as I talked with Mike while we waited for the elevator at the Faena Forum on High Rollers Night April 14. This is a huge fundraiser for the Diabetes Research Institute and money raised will go towards research to help stop diabetes. As he has done for years, he joins his parents and other family members to support this cause.

I hadn’t  seen Mike in awhile, but he immediately called me by name and gave me that mega super smile. We had our conversation as we rode to the dining room level to enjoy the night’s festivities. He and his wife Jenna had arrived late, and we joked about that. Later as I saw Jenna I knew she took that extra time to dress like a Hollywood star. (she was stunning).

No one needs glasses to see that Mike is knockout handsome. I request a photo for the fans and jokingly call him the “pretty boy” and he blushes. He never seems full of himself or self-involved. In fact, he’s just the opposite. I remember taking psych classes and studying personality types. It’s often those who are physically the most gifted (as in gorgeous and talented) who are the most insecure. I wonder if Mike sometimes fits into this niche.

I am impressed that he is giving acting a shot, even though he didn’t study theater or have professional acting coaches. I find that he is fearless and not foolish for doing so. We talked a bit about him continuing on towards this career. I am sensing thoughtful consideration on his face. He is debating his options now. My background and education are in theater, so I was interested in picking his brain about what he’d like to do.

What’s cool about Mike is that he actually is open and mellow and unpretentious. Two years ago he walked into the Fontainebleau Hotel for the Love and Hope Ball, perfectly outfitted in a black tux that fit him like he was James Bond. I wasn’t ready for how imposing he looked. I remember that all night long heads turned as he walked by, but he was oblivious to the attention.

This event at the Forum is less formal, but he still looks impressive in an open collar black shirt and gray sports jacket. He has eyes that are warm and engaging. The charisma just oozes out of him. It’s an effortless appeal, a natural, calm demeanor that is somehow soothing. I’d love to talk more about acting, but, alas, the doors open and he is quickly approached and surrounded (as though he were a film star).

I’m silently hoping he develops his craft and loves the process while doing it. After having already talked with Ashley earlier in the evening, I mentally note how unique these brothers are, yet their energies are in sync. it’s a Gibb thing for sure because they don’t drink the Kool Aid of being “Hollywood” or better than others. That isn’t how they roll, and this down -to -earth attitude is why people flock to them and care about their every move. It’s also important to remember that the Gibb mentality is to give back, and supporting the DRIF is in the genes. Dedicating time to charity work is attractive and sexy!

As the night progresses, he interacts with fans, and Jenna does the same. I watch from afar as he charms the room, poses for photos, jokes and listens to everyone’s comments, nods his head and holds hands, laughs as selfies are taken and is his best stimulating self.

Thanks so much, Mike, for being another Gibb nice guy. You are so easy to love!


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2 Responses to Mike Gibb……Mellow Man…

  1. Jill says:

    Thank you for the photo and story about your visit with Mike. I bet he would look good in a tux and very James Bond-ish LOL. As I have said before and you always say as well, the Gibb children had a great example in Linda and Barry and have displayed love and loyalty for their family and generosity with their fans.

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