Tidbits About the Gibb Girls


Stacy Gibb posing with friends at the Haute Tea

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October 21, 2018

So, in addition to hanging out with the Gibb ladies and hundreds of fashionable women who came to support the Diabetes Research Institute, I managed to chat with some of the girls and find out what they are up to these days. Of course, they have all been supporting the DRIF for years while raising their children, but they have other interests as well.

Stacy, pictured above, is all about supporting her children, Layla and Liam, and their endeavors. She is especially passionate about the arts; in fact, Layla is involved with dancing, and Stacy is 100% supportive of all things dance.  I asked her if she was a dancer herself, and she told me she wasn’t, but I think she’d be great in a jazz or tap class.. I’m hoping maybe she will think about taking an adult class and enjoy the rewards it brings.


Therese Gibb at the Haute Tea, October 19

Therese Gibb, in addition to being mother of Lucas and wife to Ashley, is also passionate about her work with the Miami Beach Community Health Center. She is Vice-President of the Board of Directors, which tells me that she is serious and committed to this organization. The Center strives to help those in need and believes that every Miami Dade County resident is entitled to affordable health care. Her face lit up when she spoke about the Center and its work. I am always impressed with her willingness to share what’s important to her, and a place where families can go for every service from adult to pediatric to behavioral care is indeed important. Since the center uses a sliding-fee scale, according to ability to pay, it is a valuable and appreciated place for all those in need.


Jenna Gibb with her friend from graduate school

It is challenging raising  two small children, but Jenna Gibb, mother to Taylor and Payton, is also a school psychologist. One of her passions is helping children; and from her dedication to studying and completing an advanced degree, it is apparent that she has reached a milestone in her career already.  Since school psychologists apply expertise in mental health, learning and behavior, their goal is to help children succeed academically, behaviorally, emotionally and socially. I don’t have to tell anyone that doing this type of work requires a very uniquely compassionate and dedicated personality, and Jenna Gibb is one of those caring individuals.


Ali Gibb looking fabulous at the Haute Tea

When I talk with Ali Gibb, I’m always smiling. Maybe it’s because she brings out the best in people simply by being Ali. I asked her about what she’s interested in doing these days and she didn’t miss a beat when she said, “Cooking”. I was surprised as she told me about doing more cooking and getting into the challenges of being good at this skill. She told me a story about making her dad, Barry, a custard tart for his birthday. He loves them, and so she gave it a go and tried to bake what he wanted. The kitchen was a mess in the end, but she made the custard. She told me that she has been thinking of culinary school, although she says she gets “stressed out” when she’s making different recipes and worries about how they are going to turn out. Ali, I think it would be great to see you take some cooking classes and have fun with them. I told Ali my passion was baking and how good I felt when the house smelled luscious while the pie or cake was baking. Go for it, Ali. Who knows? You might become a top chef one day.

So, now we know a bit more about some of the famous Gibb girls. They are much more than pretty faces, and their energy, generosity and kind spirits are much needed in today’s world. Thanks a bunch, ladies, and I’ll catch you at the next big event!


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