Heartfelt Thanks

I must give thanks to dear Aubrey for creating the original graphics for this blog. I asked her to draw two sketches from the images I had in my head. I hoped for simple depictions of “the boys” that captured their spirit both in the earlier days and then much later on. Whether you’re a new fan (graphic 2002 at top) or a decades-long fan (sidebar 1970’s), I think the pictures will bring a smile to your face. Thanks must also go to Lisa, my super techie friend, for helping me navigate the murky world of “blog creation”. I could not have gotten this blog running without her. Lastly, to all of the fans who have told me their
stories and memories and to all of the fans who will share their stories about Mo, Robin and Barry in the future, thank you. You confirm the dramatic impact that these three men have had on the world of music.
Their brilliance will live on.

12 Responses to Heartfelt Thanks

  1. Terri says:

    I love the graphic!!! Let’s get T-shirts with the old on the front and the new on the back!!

  2. j adore cette idée , continuez à raconter tous ces souvenirs, pour ma part je n ai jamais pu assister à un concert des bee gees , c est un grand regret, le seul concert à Paris que devait donner robin à été annulé car il était déjà malade, j ai gardé le billet d entrée en souvenir.. à bientôt.

      • Hi Janice,
        Thanks for the message. I’m so happy you took the time to check the blog and write to me. I am writing a report about the two days’ events for the Gibb Brothers official site on Facebook. Are you a member of the site? I posted the first section yesterday and will post the Opry story tomorrow. It will be posted in conjunction with my blog, so you can read it here online. Take care. Annie

  3. JoAnn says:

    Truly fantastic! Thank you!

  4. sabine says:

    a fantastic page !!!!!!!! wonderful!

  5. Hello Anne…My husband and I were fortunate to be in Nashville and attend the Tuesday,
    Grand Ole Opry. Would have enjoyed the Monday honors for Barry but could not attend.
    I am also a member of the fan club and noted a few days before that you
    were attending and in process of writing a book! How exciting, for you, and for those of us
    who are fans of the Bee Gees. Looking forward to reading here on twitter, and or email but
    mostly for the day your book is complete 🙂
    Bill and Jan Groos, Orland Park, IL

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