It’s Clear What the Fans Feel!

Welcome to Morobinbarrystories! This site if for fans who would like to read and share stories of fun, joy, love and inspiration for Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. (Andy is not forgotten and is also included at times). If you’d like to share a story, please email it to me at Due to Covid19 and my current work demands, posts will be sporadic; but hopefully we will get back to a regular schedule soon.

December 31, 2020

I waited until the end of the year to see how fans were feeling about the Bee Gee Documentary film and what their reactions would be as I discussed it with them. Also, I found it fun to watch the excitement online across the many fan sites.

First, a few thoughts about the film. My first reaction was excitement at seeing the wonderful footage that most fans haven’t seen. My second reaction was one of appreciation for the great musical history that is portrayed on screen. This film was realistic, yet almost dreamlike.

it was inspiring to see Robert Stigwood, Brian Epstein, Dennis, Blue, Lulu and all of the players whose contributions helped shape the brothers’ careers. At moments, I was on the edge of my chair while I watched pieces of concerts and moments of personal video.

Then, in an instant, I was in tears as I heard Maurice talk about Robin “The voice that reaches your heart”, as he was openly showing his love for his brother’s talent. His moments on screen were poignant and gentle, and I felt close to the man who was the sweet, funny, kind musical talent.

It was fun to hear from musicians like Mark Ronson and Eric Clapton, but I was particularly touched by Chris Martin’s words of empathy and respect for the Gibb brothers and their songwriting gifts.

Of course, the most emotional moments came when Barry’s voice was heard and he was seen. It was a punch to the gut to hear him talk about Andy “Andy was a gift out of left field”. His storytelling about songwriting sessions, especially as he recounted the creation of “How Deep Is Your Love”, made me feel as though I was right there with him. I have to admit many of his thoughts gave me bittersweet moments. As he talked about writing for others “that new determination”, I was saddened to think that there were so many moments when the brothers were “fighting back” to gain their rightful place in the world of music.

Hearing Barry say “I just hope and pray that the music lasts” boggles my mind. There’s always that feeling of losing your place and having to keep proving oneself, worrying about being forgotten. I felt as though I wanted to yell at the screen and say “You must know how amazing this music is and how it will live on forever. New generations of fans are loving it, and it will go on and on. Your legacy is secure.”

My heart boomeranged around as fans wrote and called me, and i watched the posts and comments of appreciation, even when many were suffering from job loss or illness or feeling disconnected from family and friends. They still found a connection to the music of the brothers Gibb.

I want Barry to know that during this awful year of heartache and pandemic and death, his music has made millions of fans feel whole when they felt broken. It is simply a fact that Bee Gee music heals. Is there anything as healing as music? Barry, you open your mouth, and your heart falls out, and there’s nothing more wonderful than that.

I watched with a big smile on my face as fans excitedly posted about a video screening of the new album. Decades long fans were acting as though they were teenagers, and new fans were just as excited. Reactions of love and support for the film came from around the world, and every expression of admiration brought its own joy.

Now fans await the new album, and Barry goes on like the fine wine that never loses its flavor. It will be another milestone for him, and it will be exciting for every Bee Gee lover.

This wonderful documentary is a bright light in what has been a horrific and dark year for most fans. I know that the upcoming album will bring them smiles and moments of comfort in the new year.

Friedrich Nietzsche was a philosopher who also happened to be a composer and a poet, and I think his words ring true, especially when any Gibb song is being heard. He once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Luckily, there are no mistakes when it comes to Bee Gee music.

Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks for the new memories.

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It’s Been a Long Time!

Welcome to This site is for Bee Gee fans who would like to share or read stories about Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. (Andy is not forgotten and is included often). If you’d like to share a story, please email it to me at Due to Covid 19 and the challenges we all face, the website will only post periodically.

December 24, 2020

Hello Everyone! I want to thank all of you who have written to me about my book and this site in the past few months. As you can see, this site has been on hiatus due to Covid and my teaching demands (which were all online since the summer). It has been a wild ride and a difficult time for my students; many contracted this virus and our campus was shut down early during the Fall, 2020 term. I have been buried in work and have been adjusting to the demands of quarantine and being without family. I am sure everyone reading this has had many challenges as well. I pray for our safety and mental health as you navigate these waters. Just as my book was about to be published, the pandemic hit. I am now waiting until Spring to proceed with it.

Today I am posting one of my first stories, which is a Christmas story and a story of hope. It dates back to 2013 on the website when I first posted it, but I heard this story long before that time (2000). It comes from John David, and I hope it inspires you during this heart wrenching time.

John David-Atlanta

My Bee Gee story starts with a funeral. My wife of 10 years, Alex, died from ovarian cancer in 1995, and I was left to raise my son Lucas alone. I was home on disability at the time after a fall at work left me with a back injury that cause serious pain most of my waking hours. The doctors prescribed strong pain killers, and it wasn’t long before I was popping pills two at a time. Alex was the best Bee Gee fan in the house and my son, who was 8 at the time, knew the lyrics to every song from “Run to Me” to “Alone” because his mom had been singing Bee Gees to him since birth.

She was mad about Maurice Gibb since her childhood days. She said that Barry seemed untouchable (out of her realm), Robin was introspective, and Maurice was her potential best friend. When I started dating her in high school, I knew that there would be three of us in the relationship. When we got married, Alex wanted to have a child right away, and we had our son after 18 months of marriage. Now Lucas was introduced to Mo. We had pictures of him, articles about him, discussion about his alcoholism and recovery. He was the 4th member of our family.

Our friends used to joke to me that I should be worried that she would leave me one day and move to Miami or else she would follow Mo around the world wherever the Bee Gees decided to do their next tour. I had decided that whenever they did decide to tour, I would get tickets to a show so Alex could be in the same space with Maurice at least for one night. She always said that his smile could “light up a city” and when he was on stage he “glowed” from the sheer fun of being there. She was happy he had a great wife in Yvonne. That was typical of Alex. Instead of being jealous about her “dream man”, she wanted him to be happy. She knew that Yvonne was his rock just a she was mine. She had gotten Maurice through his fire, and Alex was going to help me through mine. I had a problem, and she was determined to help me, but then she suddenly got sick with an aggressive cancer. The disease was in an advanced stage, and she died two months later. She was gone before I had the chance to understand how to cope in the first place with a wife who had a terminal illness. The funeral and subsequent weeks were a blur. I was in too much pain to care about anything or anyone. I am not proud of what happened next, but it was my reality. I think the grief over losing my wife, coupled with my back pain and pill addiction, sent me over the edge.

I will cut to the chase. I stopped paying the bills, lost everything when I started buying pills off the street to supplement my need for more. I was self-destructing and taking my son with me. The house went into foreclosure, the car got repossessed, and Lucas and I wound up in a shelter run by our local church. My family was across the country in Seattle, and I couldn’t ask them for help. My friends were unsure what was happening because I lied to them, and I finally hit rock bottom. I soon learned that this is an all too real scenario for many people. There is nothing worse than being in a shelter with your kid during the holidays. It was Christmas Eve day, and I had single handedly put my son in the worst possible place, or so I thought. Then the Maurice miracle occurred. Give me a stack of Bibles, and I will swear on them that this is so.

Around 11 A.M. that morning, a group of people started coming into the “rec” room of the shelter. Someone set up a coffee pot and started it perking. Someone else brought in cookies and set them on the table, and unfolded wooden chairs that were leaning against a concrete wall, placing them in a semi-circle near the coffee table. I didn’t know if I should leave or stay. One of the men walked over and assured me that I didn’t have to leave. It didn’t take me long to realize that the group was there for an AA meeting. I sat in the back of the room, trying to be unobtrusive, but I was listening to everything that went on. Lucas went into the next room and had fallen asleep while reading comic book. As the meeting was winding down, one of the members of the group stood up and offered some quotes. The quotes were from Maurice Gibb. I remember the word “unworthiness” and then some of his thoughts that my wife had repeated to me before. She would quote him from time to time. They all started coming back to me. It was as if Alex had arranged the whole experience. Hearing Maurice’s name being spoken by these people in such a setting was moving and humbling. I was surprised to hear someone other than my wife talking about “HER” Bee Gee. It was a turning point for me.

It has been three years since that day, and my son and I are doing much better. I am back at work; we are in a small condo. My rehabbing took some time, but I did it one day at a time and I am getting healthy. We miss Alex and will always love her, but we are getting stronger every day. My son and I listen for new Bee Gee music just as we play all of our old albums, and I want you to know something. My wife’s photo is on the sideboard table in the little den. Next to her is her favorite photo of Maurice Gibb. He is still part of our family.

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A few photos of Barry and Linda



Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.19.48 AMWelcome to This site is for Bee Gee fans who would like to share and read stories of fun, joy, love and inspiration for Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. Andy is not forgotten and is included at times. If you’d like to share a story, please email it to me at Because of the worldwide pandemic, this site has been on hiatus for several months. I will try to get back on track with posting your stories soon. Be safe and well.

September 1, 2020

I am posting a few photos of Barry and Linda that I have taken in the past 7 years. Fans, wish them love and health, joy and peace. They have shown the world an example of what love really means. I am also posting the first anniversary story I wrote 7 years ago, so watch for it. Love and blessings, Barry and Linda.


Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.17.49 AM

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.23.30 AM

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.19.12 AM

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 7.27.36 AM

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Cheer-Up Photos

400 Phi 408

Welcome to This site is for fans of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibbing (Andy is not forgotten and is included at times). If you love the Gibb brothers, please enjoy the stories I have accumulated over many years’ time; and if you have a story, please email it to me at At times, I will write about Gibb events that I hope the fans will enjoy.

April 30, 2020

Hello All,

As we all navigate this scary world, I thought I’d simply post a few photos from the Mythology Tour that I had the joy of taking. They always make me smile, and smiles are sorely needed right now. As a New Yorker, life has been a struggle as I hear of hundreds of my fellow citizens dying each day. It has been a challenge for everyone in New York, and my family members on the front lines (many of them are in the medical field) are part of the thousands of essential workers who are fighting to end this pandemic.

Since I  am a professor, I am lucky to still be working, but it’s sad to have to teach online with students off campus and now in time zones all around the world. I’m sure that each country is facing its own special challenges, and we can all gain support from one another. I pray for the fans, and I hope you are staying safe and well.

Barry one

Barry Three

Barry Four

Barry Five

Barry Six

Barry portrait LA

Barry crazy move

Concord copy



Barry Boston Hand:mouth

Barry face

800 LA 802

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Love That’s Meant To Be

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 7.27.36 AM

Welcome to This site is for Bee Gee fans everywhere who would like to share and read stories of fun, joy, love and inspiration for Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. (Andy is not forgotten and is included at times). If you’d like to share a story, please email it to me at Stories will be posted from time to time. Lately, my work schedule has been demanding, and I have been busy with teaching and mentoring. My book is in final editing, and it really does exist, although I feel as though I wrote it decades ago! Hang on; it’s getting ready to publish.

This is a story that many couples can relate to, and I hope you enjoy it.

February 29, 2020

Maddie–New York

I know that all of us Bee Gee fans adore the music, and I have played it since I was very young in my teen years, all through college and  for my kids, but something else that goes along with the music for me is the way that Barry and Linda Gibb have inspired me and my husband. We met at a dance where Bee Gee music was being played (in late 70’s) and fell in love that night.

After we were married, we kind of grew up as Barry and Linda did. Over the years, we had children just as they did, and it was so inspirational to watch the way they raised their children no matter what the challenges. They got through tough times and illness and death and held each other up. We have done the same.

The music is wonderful, but their example of what family is all about is just as important. Thank you, Barry and Linda, for guiding all the fans through your love. Whether or not you realize it, you have supported my family for decades.

So much of the music is about love and relationships, and I’m sure their own love has been one of the reason the music came about and hits home so deeply. I am grateful.

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Admiring Maurice

One of my nicest stories……

smoldering eyes MO

April 12, 2013




I have been a Bee Gee fan since I have a memory of them, probably when I was 3 or 4, and I’m almost 40 now. As a child, I was very shy and stuttered, but I could sing with no problem. My parents split when I was a tiny baby, so it was just my Mom and me, and she was 19 when she had me. She had all their records, and I remember how I would stare at the album covers and always focus on Maurice. Mom thought that was odd because he didn’t usually get much attention. Barry seemed bigger than real life, and Robin sang so emotionally with that incredible voice. Mom told me I’d pick out Maurice’s pictures from her huge collection of photos, magazines and posters. She grew up with them in the 60’s and 70’s and had gone to their concerts way back in the early 70’s. When they were on television and did shows like Dick Cavett, I would be mesmerized by Maurice. Seeing him play the piano made me want to learn how to play. I begged my Mom for a piano, and she saved for a long time to buy a small spinet. I’ll never forget the day the piano got delivered and going to my first lesson and how excited I was. When I started to practice, I would put Maurice’s picture on the piano and pretend I was playing with him. I used to sing Bee Gee songs and learned to play their most famous ones. Mom told me years later that she would sneak around the corner from the kitchen with her camera ready and try to get pictures of me. I was probably 8 or 9 and would practice for hours and sing to Maurice’s picture because he was always smiling at me. As I got older, I was getting therapy for my stutter, and my confidence grew because I loved to play the piano and sing. When I was 18, I saw my first Bee Gee concert and was in love. Watching Maurice play the keyboards was a dream and seeing how much fun he was having made me love him more. He kept waving to the fans and laughing in between songs. I loved seeing him balance his brothers because they did almost all of the lead vocals, but he was directing the band. When he’d switch instruments, I could see how talented he was, and watching a live concert was a rush. I knew of his personal battles and was inspired just looking at him. In the 90’s when he had come so far fighting his problems, I knew he was trying to be a better man, just as I was still fighting my problem. A stutter is a challenge just like an addiction. To this day, I have to stop and think carefully and try to stay calm when I face a speaking situation. It’s not easy. I was lucky enough to see Maurice perform again in 1998, and he was perfect. As far as I was concerned, he could do no wrong up on that big stage. Whenever I’m discouraged or am having a tough day, I like to believe that he is guiding all of us who have challenges in our lives. He’ll always be my inspiration.

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October 29, 2019

I am remiss. I am apologetic. I am in academic and writing quicksand. I am overwhelmed on several fronts.

As anyone who knows me or follows this site can easily see, I have not posted in a few months. Usually, I am on top of letters, emails, messages of any kind, and I am happy to respond and post. Actually, it’s what makes me happiest.

The reality is that I have been so busy with book editing, tweaking, having-nightmares-about and generally worrying about the final product for the fans and the Gibbs, that this site has suffered. The process of bringing a vision to life in the form of a novel that honors the Gibb brothers is a slow and painstaking slog through writing hell.

I am also working at my real job, which is teaching at Syracuse University, and my students and their determination to succeed are  major considerations and challenge me on a daily basis. I am lucky to work in a wonderful environment in an outstanding university, and it’s a priority.

My post today is not about any of the above, although my pity party that I share with my own mind every moment of every day continues. My post today is about how OVERWHELMED I am at the fans and especially recent events, and I’d like to address this.

My dear Marion, who everyone knows, lovingly has dedicated decades of her life to the Bee Gee website (GSI) that fans worldwide read and cherish. I have been lucky enough to write for this website and consider it an honor. Marion’s recent journey to England from Amhem, Holland and especially to R.J. Gibb’s Bloomsbury Ballroom event was another spectacular display of love for the Gibb brothers. How fans come together to honor these men is truly a mind-numbing display of love.

What amazes me most is that people arrived from other parts of the world to be in London and share this special time. To see The Italian Bee Gees, The Egiziano brothers, and their fellow musicians on stage with RJ, was wonderful. To see Anja and Detlef Wange at this event was wonderful. No matter the health challenges or distance, they made it, and a beloved memory was made.

I recall the Italian brothers and their entire team visiting the Wange family when the Italian Bee Gees were on the road in the spring. This is what loving the Gibb music is all about, reaching out to dedicated fans who have spent most of their lives supporting the Bee Gees and showing appreciation for them.

Visiting Prebenal House in Thame conjures up visions of Robin at home at his beloved estate. Seeing Marion with Dwina and the other musicians there must have made Robin smile, and I know he was there in spirit, in every note that was played on the piano and every step that was taken on the grounds. It was his sanctuary, and many of his beautiful compositions were written there.

As I hear from fans who are part of the many groups around the world, the devotion to the music is obvious. Whether it’s Bee Gees Italy, the Barry Gibb site, GSI or one of the many others from Argentina to Israel, the common thread is the music. No matter how many stories I read or how many times someone tells me about how the music has inspired them, I am still surprised.

I know that Barry and his family must feel the love at every turn, and he appreciates the fans more than anyone could imagine. He gets overwhelmed just like the fans do, just like I do, at the constant and steadfast display of dedication to the Gibb music.

Overwhelmed is a powerful word, but it’s the only one that fits the love that’s been shared in London and Thame these past weeks. I am fortunate to know this music, to meet these fans, to see the smiles and joy in the photos on all the supportive fan sites. I know it will continue forever because the music is that lovely and a memorable piece of Barry, Robin and Maurice that will always be there to share and experience.

We Bee Gee fans are so fortunate, and I am eternally thankful.


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July 31, 2019

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this website, and it’s because I’ve been working hard on my book edits so that it can get published (God willing) some time before the end of the decade! I am grateful, grateful, grateful to so many people for their support and kindness. I am so lucky to have met many of the Gibb family and to interact with fans who love them.

I want to thank the fans around the world who have been so kind with emails and stories and who inspire me every day. I’d like to post one of my first stories that was in my first little black and white notebook from 1999. Have a great August, everyone!


New York

I don’t remember my life without the Bee Gees. I think I was four when I was dancing  with my Mom to “You Should Be Dancing” in the living room. I would yell at her for singing too loud and tell her that I couldn’t hear the words to the song. She would tell me that “I can’t help singing and dancing. It’s part of my DNA”. Of course, at 4 I didn’t know what she meant, but I grew up singing songs from the Bee Gees and sang everywhere I went. We’d be in Walmart and I’d start singing. I sang in the library, in the park while swinging on the swing set and even in church.

Other kids would give me crazy looks and adults would laugh and sing along. My Mom reminds me even today of how I would entertain everyone with “Night Fever”. I don’t think Barry, Robin and Maurice realized how much they influenced kids as well as adults.

My own children sing the songs, and I get nostalgic but am enjoying every minute.

Thanks to the Bee Gees for their wonderful music and all the fun I’ve had with my Mom and my kids over the years.

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Five Years On….A Few Photos

Welcome to morobinbarrystories! Please join me on twitter @morobinbarry. This site is for Bee Gee fans everywhere who would like to read and share stories of fun, joy, love and inspiration for Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. If you’d like to share a story, please email it to me at Many will appear in my book, and I hope to get it published this year! My editor is working now……and thanks to those of you who have been so patient about this. At times, I will write about Gibb events, which I hope the fans will like.

May 22, 2019

Five years ago I went on a journey with Barry Gibb and his family and crew and all the fans who love him. I took 1600 photos. Here are a few that I love and am grateful to share.

Barry light from heaven

Feeling an array of emotions in Boston

Barry Boston Hand:mouth

Nearly overcome with love from the fans in Boston




The crowd didn’t care about the rain, and he loved their enthusiasm

50 NY 53

Crying a little…but we all were…..

Barry waving Philly

Waving hello in Philly

Barry guitar fire

Enjoying the crowd in Philly with his magic guitar

Good one

So happy with the Philly crowd

20 B 27


400 Phi 408

Good Lord, pointing at my camera!

Barry light from heaven

With his brothers around him in Chicago


Chicago fans made him laugh and cry…..but I like laughing better!


Concord copy

San Francisco was spectacular, and he got all knotted up by the love and energy of the crowd

Barry crazy move

Spectacular in San Francisco


Having fun

800 LA 814

Tearing up in LA

800 LA 802

Closed eyes with emotion again

800 LA 810

Hollywood Bowl excitement

Barry portrait LA

Looking at the crowd after encore and nearly immobile with emotion

800 LA 801

Waving goodbye in LA



Living the happy ending to a spectacular tour and knowing he is loved

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It’s Robin’s Month

Welcome to Please join me on twitter @morobinbarry. This site is for Bee Gee fans everywhere who would like to read and share stories of fun, joy, love and inspiration for Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. (Andy is not forgotten and is included at times). If you’d like to share a story, please email it to me at Stories will be posted at this site and on GSI, as well as some other fan sites around the world. Some will be in my book, which is still in editing. At times, I will at posts about Gibb events, which I hope the fans will enjoy.

May 2, 2019

It’s Robin’s month of remembrance, as fans recall is hauntingly beautiful voice and gentle spirit, his humanitarian efforts and brilliant intelligence. Enjoy this lovely story.


Here is a tribute to our beloved Robin from a fan whose devotion goes back more than 30 years. As Robin said, “What I do and what I have done all these years, it’s not a job; it’s my love.”  It’s clear that the fans from New York to Australia feel that love in every song he sang.


Marie’s words surely represent so many inspirational messages I have received.




Being a Bee Gees fan has been a part of me since I was a very young girl. When I was 10, the Bee Gees were young themselves and touring the U.S. for short periods of time. This was before the “Night Fever” crazy times. My older sister had both the Main Course and Mr. Natural albums, and I remember that the first song I heard Robin Gibb sing was “Come On Over”. Although songs like “Massachusetts” and “I Started a Joke” and a whole list of others were more famous at that point, for some reason, this particular song affected me in a dramatic way. I had such a crush on him and imagined seeing him sing to me some day. I first saw him perform in Chicago in 1975 and that was a dream come true. I felt like I was struck by lightening. His voice was so beautiful; and although my sister and I had watched him act funny and crazy on television (there were so many over the years, like Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas and then Phil Donahue) he seemed so serious when he was at the microphone. He fascinated me. I think that concert was the first night I knew I’d be a fan forever. Through the disco years and for several years afterwards, there was so much focus on Barry’s falsetto sound, and I loved all three brothers, but Robin had my heart. His voice was always with me, and he was part of my maturing years, my wedding, my divorce, the birth of my kids, my good and bad days. I could always listen to Robin and be happy. I was like all his fans, waiting for the new music, the next tour, his latest charity endeavors, his interviews. I think that Robin represents all that is good about a musician and performer because he loved his craft and was dedicated and kept trying to create the best for the fans. The loyalty of his fans around the world doesn’t surprise me a bit. He hit me between the eyes when I was a vulnerable little girl, and he still affects me the same way today.


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